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We started the year 2021 full of confidence. Unfortunately, we were then only able to celebrate our anniversaries “100 Years of Ersa” and “50 Years of Foam Machines” at Kurtz with restrictions due to the pandemic. In the year 242 of our company history, however, there were many more changes to cope with, which we report on in this issue of the Kurtz Ersa Magazine.

We have once again proven that we are serious when it comes to responding adequately to upcoming changes. In the field of technology, our “Print Your Production” concept has presented us with a major challenge, which we are tackling with enthusiasm …

Employee Story

Jubilee honor in monastery

Vision + Mission

No.1 team for sustainable production solutions

Handover of the baton at Kurtz Ersa

CEO Rainer Kurtz moves to Advisory Board, Ralph Knecht becomes CEO

Sustainable fleet

Kurtz Ersa fleet already meets EU CO2 requirements today

Kurtz Ersa Asia

How was the Corona crisis in Asia managed?

Kurtz Ersa ranks among Bavaria´s top 20

“Successful.Family Friendly” award for machine builder

Entrepreneur 2021

Kurtz Ersa nominated in family business category