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Customer recommendation becomes project

The contact to a new customer for SCHILLER AUTOMATION was initiated by a recommendation from an existing customer. The project focused on the rapid testing and packaging of flat components, which the existing customer then processed further.

SCHILLER AUTOMATION GmbH & Co. KG has been an integral part of the Kurtz Ersa Group for one and a half years now and has since enriched the portfolio of the business unit dealing with automation solutions at Kurtz Ersa. The following new customer project on the testing and packaging of flat components quickly gained momentum – on the one hand, thanks to extraordinarily fast response times on the part of SCHILLER AUTOMATION, and on the other hand, thanks to an initial visit that took place immediately to clarify the project cornerstones and task definition. The challenges of the project were many and varied. First of all, the cycle time was specified to be less than one second per component.

The quality inspection of the front and back of the component had to be maintained at the given cycle time. In addition, accurate handling and outstanding precision in stacking the component were imperative. The customer required special magazines to be designed to ensure further repackaging into transport containers. Likewise, data tracking was to be strictly adhered in order to ensure that batch, result and position data could be accessed at any time. And finally, of course, the operation of the handling system had to be within the limits of the required cycle time. An additional complicating factor was that the implementation of the project was led by a tight schedule. SCHILLER employees also had to contend with the general procurement problems for electronic components.


Relocation of components "on the fly"
Relocation of components "on the fly"

SCHILLER AUTOMATION came up with a brilliant solution for the customer and first created a clever rough plant concept using sample parts provided by the customer. SCHILLER´s rough concept made an impression and was supplemented by production know-how and experience in close exchange with the customer. The system concept was then optimized by incorporating the discussion results in several iteration loops with the customer and suppliers for image processing and punching technology. At the same time, possible technical risks were identified and defined.

View into the magazine shaft of the special magazine
View into the magazine shaft of the special magazine
Position-corrected removal of components from the conveyor belt
Position-corrected removal of components from the conveyor belt

Due to the excellent approach in the project preparation, SCHILLER AUTOMATION was awarded the contract before its competitors and brought home the order. The following items were included in the final order:


  • Unwinding of the coil with subsequent rewinding of the residual material
  • Punching machine with triple tool (tool provided by customer)
  • Interlinking of the die cutter with an inspection and packaging line
  • Quality inspection on front and back side including turning of the part
  • Evaluation of the quality inspection based on the inspection results
  • Discharge of NIO parts
  • Removal from running conveyor belt and stacking of components into special magazines
  • Magazine handling
  • Data tracking with data backup

The handling of the order was supported by professional project management and very good preliminary work in the bidding phase. The close cooperation with the customer and the very good coordination from the concept phase to implementation was fast, smooth and led to success. The technical risks defined in the preliminary phase were always kept in mind. These were eliminated by carrying out preliminary tests at an early stage, such as turning the components. As a result, the specified cycle time was achieved – and the system could be pre-accepted, delivered, installed, commissioned and finally accepted within a very short time. The customer´s expectations were more than met. As a result, further systems are already being planned and space has been allocated in the customer´s production.

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