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CornPack – innovative packaging solution for a more sustainable future

Each and every one of us bears responsibility for the world we live in. It is crucial that we actively work to protect our planet today so that future generations can also live a life of dignity and prosperity. To do this, we must not only change our way of thinking – we must also take concrete action!

Plantera GmbH – development partner and customer of Kurtz Protective Solutions – has set itself the goal of developing and using sustainable packaging solutions made from cornmeal that have a positive impact on the environment. The raw material used, cornmeal, is not grown specifically to produce the packaging. Rather, it is a residual material from the milling process. Plantera is striving to revolutionize the packaging market and to offer an environmentally conscious, compostable alternative to petroleum-based packaging such as polystyrene, cork or wood. The customer and partner of Kurtz sees its task as providing high-quality and functional packaging while protecting nature and promoting a future worth living in.

In cooperation with Kurtz Protective Solutions and the Kurtz WAVE FOAMER M Shape Moulding Machine, which uses the innovative radio frequency (RF) processing method, Plantera is able to develop sustainable packaging solutions. Thanks to this pioneering process optimization, production is extremely energy-efficient and leads to impressive energy savings of up to 90 % compared to conventional materials such as EPS – and does not require any steam! The gentle RF process from Kurtz Ersa even allows the processing of highly sensitive materials such as cornmeal. The use of RF technology enables significantly improved fusion of the raw material. This leads to increased dimensional stability, which in turn allows the production of individual packaging solutions.


CornPack is produced using RF technology on a Kurtz WAVE FOAMER
CornPack is produced using RF technology on a Kurtz WAVE FOAMER; Images courtesy of Plantera GmbH
CornPack from Plantera for a more sustainable future
CornPack from Plantera for a more sustainable future

The raw material for the CornPack product brand originally comes from the maize plant. Mill grinding produces a residue that cannot be used for food production. This unusable cornmeal is the raw material for CornPack. The cornmeal are puffed using a tried and tested process, which changes their structure. The addition of an organic binder enables the production of tailor-made molded parts. The wide range of possible applications allows Plantera to find solutions for numerous challenges. In addition, the company´s products are adaptable for different purposes and industries and can be tailored to the specific needs of Plantera´s customers. CornPack is based on an innovative manufacturing process that no other company in the industry has realized to date.

For more sustainable packaging

CornPack can be produced individually and used in a wide variety of industries
CornPack can be produced individually and used in a wide variety of industries

Switching to sustainable packaging solutions will be crucial for companies in the coming years. Governments and environmental regulators are tightening regulations and laws on packaging sustainability. But consumers are also becoming more environmentally conscious and prefer products from companies that are actively committed to sustainability. The Plantera mission to leave nothing behind for future generations but a future worth living in is within reach with CornPack. We are proud to be able to support our partner in achieving this goal with our RF technology!

CornPack from Plantera, produced on a Kurtz WAVE FOAMER with RF technology
CornPack from Plantera, produced on a Kurtz WAVE FOAMER with RF technology

CornPack as a product: With CornPack, Plantera is setting a new standard for packaging with a sustainable packaging material that is compostable. After use, it can simply be disposed of in the domestic organic waste garbage can or garden compost. Industrial composting is also possible. The packaging produced is impact-resistant, break-proof, insulating, food-safe and can be made to measure. CornPack therefore offers a wide range of applications as product packaging, corner protection, displays, press seals or transport packaging for electrical appliances or furniture, as well as protection for temperature-sensitive goods such as food, pharmaceutical products, or pet food.


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