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China is moving up the value chain! It is the world´s leading exporter of automobiles for the first time. Huawei is in the race for leadership in autonomous driving and at the forefront of 5G applications. SMIC is vying for the top spot in semiconductor applications. These significant advances have transformed China´s manufacturing landscape in recent years from average to high-tech!

Top service from Kurtz Ersa Asia
Top service from Kurtz Ersa Asia based on many years of know-how and experienced employees

Especially in electronics manufacturing, which assembles, solders, and connects the PCB hardware for digital computing and communications, the demands and specifications have been steadily increasing and the contrasts have been growing. On the one hand, the components to be processed are getting larger (such as BGAs measuring 130 x 130 mm), and on the other, the components are getting smaller – such as 0402 resistors measuring 0.4 x 0.2 mm. This ever-widening process window requires high performance equipment and process know-how!


High performance on process side,
optimized mass production

Aside from the technically challenging specifications mentioned above, the demands in China and throughout Asia for mass production and throughput on production machines haven´t changed. Every tenth of a second counts to gain a little more profitability in a traditional low-margin electronics manufacturing services industry. So, it takes both, high performance on the process side coupled with optimization for high volume production.

At Kurtz Ersa Asia, we have more than 60 highly qualified and trained service team members to meet the challenges of the competitive Asian market environment. Most of them have been part of the Kurtz Ersa family for many years and have accumulated a vast knowledge base and a wealth of experience. In regular meetings, our service team has the space and time to share experiences, learnings and collaborate on tasks where more support is needed. With an open mindset, we try to foster the “wisdom of the crowd” – our “service crowd” – and strive to optimize every Kurtz Ersa production machine to achieve the high performance for which the machine was built!


A highly dynamic market also requires a fast response time. Therefore, we have different channels through which customers can contact us – be it direct contact with one of our service technicians, the service hotline, the website or the WeChat channel: All of them focus on the customer and provide professional, fast and comprehensive support! Sharing and transferring process and operational knowledge is an essential part of our service activities. This is why we offer structured and easily understandable on-site training. All our trainers follow the Kurtz Ersa purpose of optimizing the production process of our customers!

We offer our customers or potential customers free access to our Application and Service Centers for NPIs or other process evaluations. The concept has been successful in our German headquarters and we have extended it to Asia. Here, too, the customer feels and understands the Kurtz Ersa added value at first hand. Together, our experts program the machine and optimize the program and all results are documented in an easy-to-understand report including videos. In Asia, we started in China with our application and service centers in Shanghai and later in Shenzhen and Zhuhai. From there we moved further south to Vietnam. In a few months, we will open a newly equipped and renovated center in Hanoi. In Q2 2024, a joint application and service center in Bangkok, Thailand will follow. Together with the ones in Malaysia and Japan operated by our long-term sales and service partners, we have a strong foundation for customer support all over Asia! Consequently, training, knowledge transfer and support will be provided in multiple languages.

No matter where our customer´s production is and what kind of machine there is, we promise to take care of the “health” of that particular machine. Since this year, we are rolling out our new service concept called “Health Check” which proactively focus on the “health condition” of the machine. Our service team will check the machine for wear and tear and other findings. Then we provide the customer recommendation on what to do to ensure the long life of a high-quality Kurtz Ersa machine! Unexpected downtime can be avoided, and top performance and output is manifested. We live Kurtz Ersa purpose in optimizing our customers´ production processes with excellence in Service and Know-How as a Trademark!



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