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Ersa Technology: Know-how Transfer on site

Ersa installs hundreds of soldering systems worldwide every year – providing hardware for electronics manufacturing is part of our job. In the second half of the year, however, we also increasingly transferred Ersa know-how on site to our customers in Germany and abroad via technology forums and technology days, and were present at trade fairs. In the following we list some examples.

KEI: Sales and service meeting in North America

Kurtz Ersa, Inc. Successfully Hosts North American Sales and Service Meeting

In September, Kurtz Ersa, Inc. hosted its North American Sales and Service Meeting at its headquarters in Plymouth, Wisconsin. More than 60 Ersa sales and service colleagues, distributors and representatives attended the three-day event, which featured new product introductions and interactive exploration of the complete Ersa product line - from hand soldering to rework systems to soldering machines. The opportunity for a face-to-face meeting was very well received after previous years of virtual sales and service meetings. The three-day meeting concluded with recognitions of professional and personal achievements, as well as a celebration of Ersa's 100th anniversary and 50 years of Kurtz Particle Foams.


Kurtz Ersa customers and the North American representatives will benefit from the three-day input - being well prepared for changing industry trends and being able to support customer needs in the best possible way with the in-depth product knowledge.

Mexico: Technical Seminar Guadalajara

Kurtz Ersa Mexico: Technology seminar in Guadalajara
Kurtz Ersa Mexico: Technology seminar in Guadalajara

On August 24 and 25, the Kurtz Know-How Technical Seminar was held in Guadalajara with the participation of 12 national and international companies from our customer base. Among the 80 participants were managers, supervisors, operators and technicians responsible for process and maintenance. The topics addressed during the session were maintenance of Kurtz particle foam shape moulding machines and Hirsch pre-expanders, as well as EPS and EPP fabrication, storage, preparation and molding processes. In addition to having the Kurtz Ersa Mexico team as panelists, there was the valuable participation of experts from Styropek and JSP, commercial partners who shared EPS and EPP information, respectively. The event was a great opportunity to network, share experiences, and learn about our customers´ needs – all with the goal of ensuring that Kurtz Ersa Mexico customers have the best experience with their systems.


Mexico: 5th Educational Seminar for the Americas

KEI: 5th know-how seminar in Cancún (Mexico)
5th know-how seminar for Kurtz Ersa, Inc. in Cancún, Mexico.

During the last week of May, our 5th know-how seminar for the Americas was held in Cancún. With the participation of customers from the US, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Argentina, Chile and Colombia, we had full days of networking, a Styropek sponsored golf tournament, discussions on industry news such as innovative sustainability efforts, presentations from our newest business partner Hirsch, the EPS Industry Alliance, EPP applications, economic outlook and much more. Thanks again to all who attended!

Ersa at E-22 fair in Odense (Denmark)

Denmark: Review E-22 Fair

On all three days of the largest Danish Electronics Fair E-22 in Odense, there were many visitors at our booth. Whether VERSAFLOW, HOTFLOW or Tools – the Danish visitors were specifically interested in technology, performance and throughput. Especially the existing customers from Denmark and Sweden were often interested in new projects with short-term implementation. Digitization and the energy turnaround in particular are the reason for investing in new production lines. We had great fun at the trade show in direct contact with customers and interested parties!

Ersa Representative Austria: Technology Days at Stepan GmbH in Salzburg
Technology days at Stepan GmbH in Salzburg

Austria: All-Electric-Society - 2nd Stepan GmbH Technology Days

On October 12 and 13, 2022, the second Stepan GmbH Technology Days took place in Salzburg. Experts from the industry gave presentations on current process trends and forward-looking solutions in electronics manufacturing. A consistently great event, which enabled direct exchange with customers on site and was able to set strong impulses-

Delsys: Soldering symposium in Switzerland
Soldering symposium in Switzerland

Switzerland: Review - Symposium Soldering

We had great pleasure in our “Soldering Conference Switzerland” in September. Together with Tamura Elsold and Intec AG we provided information about the latest technologies and products around hand soldering and rework within one day. New developments in the field of industrial hand soldering and rework were presented. The best came at the end: the hands-on with the soldering stations i-CON VARIO 4 and the new i-CON TRACE. The participants were able to gain practical experience on the HR 550 rework system. Technical discussions with the experts rounded off the successful day in Switzerland!

ERSA Bulgaria: Technology day Sofia
Technology Day at ERSA Bulgaria in Sofia

Bulgaria: TecDay in Sofia

On October 18th, the Ersa Bulgaria TecDay took place in Sofia. Once again, the seminar was very successful and received an overwhelming feedback. We would like to thank Nikolay and Velin from ERSA Bulgaria for the great organization of the event. We are already looking forward to the TecDay in April 2023!


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