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Automation of repetitive jobs

Repetitive jobs in the production environment tie up manpower. In order to use available human resources more efficiently and to optimize production processes, the use of a Kurtz Ersa ROBOPLACE is worthwhile.

The Kurtz Ersa ROBOPLACE places components with the highest precision and is specially designed for repetitive placement and assembly jobs. Small, medium and high volumes are its strength. By using a Kurtz Ersa ROBOPLACE, employees are freed up for other, more complex tasks that need to be completed. The ROBOPLACE´s closed, safety-monitored robotic cell enables the fastest placement speeds, resulting in very short cycle times. The component feed is designed application-specifically according to the task at hand. Such as the placement of THT components on technically demanding PCBs.

Modern image processing systems inspect the components before placement and reject defective components with regard to deformed pins or other quality parameters, so-called NiO components (non-in-order components). This ensures that defective components do not cause damage in placement tests that cannot be displayed. The tolerance zone of the components or the products to be placed is defined before production starts. The general process sequence starts with the pickup of the components from the feed station by the gripper system. This is followed by the vision check, where each component is inspected. If all components are in order, the process continues directly to placement. If a defective part is detected, the robot moves to the ejection position. There it unloads the component, fetches the necessary replacement from the feed station, and thus ensures that the PCB is completely assembled without errors. Kurtz Ersa Automation has a suitable gripper in its portfolio for all possible assembly work. By integrating a quick-change gripper system with a corresponding gripper station, boards with a high component/product variety, for example, can be assembled without setup times using just one ROBOPLACE.

Kurtz Ersa ROBOPLACE - Automate placement process
View into the robot cell of the Kurtz Ersa ROBOPLACE during a placement process

Technical Highlights Kurtz Ersa ROBOPLACE


  • Utilization of valuable worker capacity for demanding and less monotonous activities
  • Increase of production output due to high availability
  • Elimination of production fluctuations resulting from manual placement process
  • Proven high quality of the automated placement process
  • Integrated component control
  • Customized placement solutions can be realized
  • Feeding module concepts can be adapted to specific tasksn


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