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We look back on an eventful and exciting second half of the year. Despite the declining significance of the Corona pandemic, the high level of tension in the markets remains tangible. The political events in Ukraine and the tense situation on the procurement markets are also creating a high level of uncertainty.


This is compounded by another shortage: that of well-trained workers who are willing to move and take on new tasks. We are doing a lot to ensure that our employees remain our first choice and an attractive employer in the future – as documented by the BestPersAward 2022 we received this year …


Wertheim run

ESG Rating in Bronze

Kurtz Ersa is on the way to CO2 neutrality by 2029

Asia: Sustainable Growth

… with joint forces!

Ceremonial groundbreaking

Expansion Kurtz Ersa logistics center

Electronics Production Equipment

Third Ersa Technology Forum

Another successful event with in-house exhibition in Wertheim

Ersa Best Practice: Kraus Hardware

Traceable hand soldering processes with i-CON TRACE

Ersa Best Practice: VOIGT electronic

After test, VERSAFLOW ONE replaces previous wave



Kurtz Ersa uses synergies - Sonnenbühl joins in the attack


Automation of repetitive jobs

Cardbox Engineering: Potential savings

… for highest efficient workplace systems