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Dear Reader of the Kurtz Ersa Magazine!
We are often asked: “Kurtz Ersa, that’s such a diversified group. The business segments are so different. Are synergies actually possible?”


There is only possible clear and distinct response to this: Yes, they do exist – the synergies at Kurtz Ersa. And we exploit them consistently and very successfully. For example, there is our management system. The systematics behind it is the same for all business areas. It is complex, but this very complexity makes it necessary for our systems to have clear interfaces and huge flexibility.

Employee Story


First professional title....

… awarded by Kurtz Ersa Hammer Acadamy

Attractive employer

in times of Industry 4.0

Mexico presence expanded

… with new Demo and Tech Center in Guadalajara

Electronics Production Equipment

Mobile Customer Service

… and graphical deployment planning


Qualified soldering - with training for success!

International Sales Meeting

around 80 international sales partners visit Ersa in Wertheim

Moulding Machines

Bigger - Better - Faster!

Kurtz trimming press KPS 2000/25-12 SKT goes USA


A motto is being lived, especially in customer workshops!

K 2016 Complete Success

Attractive presentation with innovative industry 4.0 solutions!

Metal Components

Kurtz Eisenguss casts water pipe valves

… for project in Qatar!

New Sales Manager

Eisenguss Sales Manager Detlef Henze fights for his customers!

MBW: Growth Potential

20 years in existence at MBW with Tech Day and ceremonial act!