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For Kurtz Ersa, the outstanding feature of 2014 is the 235-year jubilee. Our company was established in Hasloch am Main in 1779 with the construction of the hammer mill.


We want to retain this industrial monument and, by adding a museum and a conference centre, expand our history centre. We thoroughly enjoyed relocating our company archive to new premises and reappraising the history of the company with the chronicle entitled "From the Iron Hammer Works in Hasloch to Kurtz Ersa".

Employee Story

Silently taking to the air ...

Vision, Mission, Leadership Excellence

The guiding principles of the Kurtz Ersa Corporation in a new form

Looking back to the future

Kurtz Ersa celebrates 235 years of the Eisenhammer forge

Attractive employer

Internationally successful with a sense of social responsibility.

Electronics Production Equipment

VadaTech Continues Path Of Growth

Strategic partnership between Ersa and VadaTech

NPI Award 2014 for HOTFLOW

The top model of the latest Ersa reflow soldering awarded

Top In Service And Qualification Of Staff

Innovative, powerful solutions for electronics manufacturing

Moulding Machines

Kurtz goes Automation

Permanently reduce cost per molding - with intelligent automation

Think bigger, think faster, think global - and act local!

Lightweight construction with XXL low-pressure casting machines

New applications, new markets, new ideas

Much input at the 3rd Kurtz Seminar for particle foams in Cancún

Metal Components

Smart Foundry: Ideally equipped for the future

In Hasloch one of the most advanced hand form foundries arises

Aluminium casting hones its own profile

New conditions for the further growth of the Kurtz Aluguss

Partners in sheet metal - teamtechnik and MBW

MBW supports the specialst for highly flexible automation