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For Kurtz Ersa, the year 2014 was completely under the sign of the 235th anniversary. The arc of suspense went from the past via the present into the future in the anniversary year.


With our company chronicles, presented in the month of foundation, March, and new premises for our company archive and, naturally, the Hammermuseum with the restored hammer mill, we have made our history come alive at the company’s origin in Hasloch.

Employee Story

Diving into another world ...


Kurtz Ersa opens its Hammermuseum at the company´s point of origin

Kurtz Ersa Jubilee

Big Employees´ Festival at Kurtz Ersa in the anniversary year 2014

10 Years of Zhuhai

The Kurtz Zhuhai Manufacturing Ltd. celebrated 10 years of presence

Electronics Production Equipment

Gree: VI at one sweep

Another major order for the soldering specialists from the Ersa GmbH

Inspiring System Partners

Partners in standard soldering processes: Phoenix Contact and Ersa

How to avoid Voids!

Ersa presents the next technological step in reflow soldering

Moulding Machines

Kurtz In-house Fair 2014

Kurtz presents state-of-the-art foundry and particle foam machinery

New low-pressure casting engine technology

Kurtz Foundry Machines – more energy, more power, less CO2


Just foaming, no cutting: inclined roof panels as mouldings

Metal Components


Kurtz Iron Fundry: Start of Production (SoP) was 1.9.2014 - just as planned

MBW Value Analysis

MBW offers constructive support as a system supplier in sheet metals